Why did I start Boat Life Apparel?

Inspired by Life on The Water

As an entrepreneur, I wear many hats; Mom, Sister, Daughter Friend and Business Owner, to name a few.

I have grown up in the Marine Industry and have a passion for making it fun, easy and accessible for anyone who is interested in getting out on the water. 

It doesn't matter if you have a canoe or a 100-foot yacht; the experience of being on the water is what brings us all together. 

​For a number of years I have had a vision of launching an apparel company that would highlight and reflect the boating lifestyle, because it is just that - a lifestyle. Relaxing, Exciting, Fun and Memorable. Anyone that we have had the joy of exposing to this experience has walked away with a new appreciation and enthusiasm for all that boating has to offer.

​After much consideration, I thought – “If not now… when?”

The timing seemed right, so spring 2018 was the launch of Boat Life Apparel, Inspired By Life On The Water. It is a vision which continues to evolve each day. I could not be happier with the response from our clients across Canada and around the globe. All of our designs are created by me, and inspired by our experiences while boating.

​Our signature Canadian Maple Leaf with Anchor Logo is now a staple in our collection, and leading trademark for our brand. It sums up boating in Canada, and to us is a symbol of Pride, Strength and Fun.

Our team keeps growing and there are big plans set for 2021.

I wouldn’t be here without the support of family, friends and the boating community. It’s that community spirit that makes boating a unique experience. Over the years our boating family has grown and brought us together with people from across the province and country.

​Simply, I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity.

Thank you and happy boating!